One-on-one Executive Coaching

Our coaching process begins by defining the goals of the coaching relationship.  This is achieved as a result of interviews with the individual, their manager and other key stakeholders.  Depending upon the individual's position and the anticipated scope of work to be done, we may utilize a one-on-one interviews to gain valuable insights and perspectives.


Once the coaching goals are defined, The GAG coach will estimate the time required and recommend tools and process to be used.  This preliminary estimate and plan is then approved by the individual to be coached, their manager and when appropriate, Human Resources.


The sessions are held either in person or by telephone and are designed to address both the most pressing needs of the executive, as well as the execution of the predetermined development plan.  For one to two months, the coach meets with the individual weekly for approximately one and one half to two hours.  In the second to third month, the frequency shifts to meeting every other week.  As the individual executes on the plans the coach and the individual will determine the appropriate pace for the coaching sessions.  Once the goals are achieved, The GAG coach is available on an as needed basis.


When selecting a coach for the individual, The GAG considers the needs of the individual and the personality.  We believe that "chemistry" and the ability to quickly achieve high levels of trust with our coaching clients are critical to the success of the engagement.  We are happy to meet with the individual to be coached for a preliminary meeting at no charge to you.  In this way, both the coach and the individual can determine if this is the right "fit".


Our coaching process is highly targeted, results based and enjoyable.  The relationships with our coaches last far beyond the final coaching session