Capacity Building

Capacity building is an on-going process through which individuals, groups, organizations and societies enhance their ability to identify and meet development challenges. Giants Alive role is to facilitate learning. This is partially accomplished by providing resources and training.


Giants Alive capacity building activities are based on three key elements:

  1. Partnership
  2. Organizational development
  3. Civil society strengthening

Giants Alive guiding partnership principles emphasize the importance of building just relationships with local partners and strengthening their skills in areas such as strategic planning, advocacy, organizational management, and project development and management.

GAS has a history of and strong commitment to strengthening local partner organizations. Since its creation, the agency has operated through partner agencies countrywide, including thousands of religious and non-governmental organizations, community groups. Because of our shared vision and common values, GAS often partners with SM Foundation and Mbhele Lions Foot Ball Club.

Because of its unique partnership strategy, GAS rarely implements projects directly. The vast majority of projects are implemented through the local organizations with which the agency has on-going relationships. Therefore, strengthening the organizational capacity of these partner organizations is fundamental to programs in every Region in which GAS works.

As a result of its focus on justice, the agency also recognizes that improving the lives of the poor and disadvantaged goes beyond simply providing their basic needs. The poor are the agents of change and must play a central role in their own development.

All countries, including those wracked by civil unrest and prolonged war, have the capacity to address local concerns, problems, and vulnerabilities - however nascent or weak. Capacity building helps individuals exercise their rights and responsibilities and improve their lives and communities through advocacy, negotiation and cooperative action.

Background of GAS' Capacity Building Program


GAS recognizes that education is an on-going process and we continue to learn as much from our partners as they learn from us. In this way, GAS is building its own capacity to implement programs in the most effective way possible