Bursary Management

Giants Alive Group is a Skills Development & Bursary Management Company. A youth-led company that aims to bridge the educational information gap between rural high school learners and their peers in urban areas, the company aim to offer previously disadvantage young people who demonstrate the potential to excel academically, and who have the desire to fully engage in available opportunities. GAG help companies who want to invest in young people (through offering bursaries and scholarship) by administering and managing the fund as follows

  • Provide comprehensive bursary administration and management services
    • Liase regularly with institutions and learners on behalf of the companies
    • Record keeping and regularly feedback meetings with a person responsible from the company ( Beckers).
    • Manage the life cycle of each student during his/her studies from the first year to the final year of studying (Maintain a personal life in respect of each bursar).
    • Ensure payment of all fees to institution and allowances to approved students.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring for students at university level.
    • We help both the companies and students achieve your goals. As we all know that young people when they get to university sometimes they get overwhelmed about the university life and they get lost in the process, once they get involved in all these negative things their academic suffer, they fail, and most sponsors withdrew sponsorship and we have so many drop out.
    • Schedule and conduct monthly meetings with each students to discuss their progress and challenges that they are experiencing academically and social.
  • Management and Monitoring of academic progress
    • Provision of academic support where necessary
    • Schedule and conduct quarterly meetings with the company (Beckers) to report on bursar’s progress regarding performance per semester
    • Collection and interpretation of results and make recommendations on performance or non-performance of bursars

It is the GAG’ vision to develop a community of young academically minded youth. Education in South Africa has traditionally created a divide between rural and urban high school graduates. Rural learners matriculate without the necessary academic and social capital to effectively explore their further education options and to succeed in university life. If they do gain access to a tertiary education institution they struggle to adapt to the university and urban environment and consequently many rural and township students drop out before completing their studies. Rural youth are marginalised in these settings because they face a multitude of overlapping challenges including access to information, finance, information technology skills, language abilities, and internalised feelings of inferiority.