About Us

Objective (s)

  • Focus on the market segment and products
  • Strategic alliance with the leading supplier
  • Focus on customer’s needs, relationship and satisfaction
  • Work to deadline and delivery against them
  • To generate sufficient  profit to finance father growth
  • To grow the business at a rate that is both challenging and manageable


Giants Alive Service’s focus on growth is evident in the strategic objectives entrenched in daily business practices, including:

  • Stimulate basic research and practical application in the area of leadership and change,
  • Foster an understanding of how to develop organizational leadership, and support the leadership development agendas of the Giants Alive Services.    
  •  Presentations on leadership to dozens of companies and associations
  • Frequent seminars on leadership to university students, alumni, and administrators
  • Optimising profitability of established businesses through active enhancement of business efficiencies and strengthening of margins.
  • Improving market positioning by continually identifying opportunities to further strengthen the group’s position as a market leader across the country.
  • Organic expansion through penetration of new markets, leveraging the group’s client base.
  • Growth through strategic acquisitions which will enhance the current service offering, deepen and expand existing client relationships and provide healthy return on investment.
  • Expansion into other provinces by leveraging the group’s well-established, recognised brands and client expansion, and establishing separate, decentralised businesses with select local partners in the target provinces.